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Weekend Warrior Magazine is published and edited by Coach Bill Stokes.  It covers multisport athletics from a practical and humanistic perspective.  

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If your goal is to set a new PR then I can help you.  As a RRCA Certified Coach, I can custom design a program to help you run your best and set a PR or break a previously set PR.  

Whether your goal is run your first 1/2 / full marathon or to run a fast 5k or 10k, let me help you with a customized training program to get you to your goal safely and have fun along the way. 

Through periodized training programs designed just for you, I guarantee you will be able to break through the barriers to enhancing your speed or distance.  

As your coach, I will hold you accountable, help you through the mental challenges and help keep you focused throughout the training program.  

You'll emerge on the other side of the training program with the knowledge, skills and ability to continue to improve even after our program ends.  

Recent Announcements

  • I have morning and evening sessions available

  • Web based trainng available for runners outside of Springfield.  

  • Fall 1/2 or Full Marathon Training Rate:

    12 weeks $500 includes

    One hour per week coaching
    Periodized training program
    Stride analysis
    Online Access to training program

  • 5k to 10k Training Rate:

    12 weeks $300

    6 one hour coaching sessions

    Periodized training program

    Stride analysis

    Onlinie Access to training program

2011 National Stats*

Women Men
5k 57% 43%
10k 54% 46%
1/2 Mar. 59% 41%
Marathon 41% 59%

Median Time Women Men
5k 34:08 28:07
10k 1:04:41 55:56
1/2 Mar. 2:19:33 2:01:01
Marathon 4:40:01 4:13:58

Average Age
Women Men
5k 33.1 34.4
10k 35.3 38.1
1/2 Mar. 35.7 38.6
Marathon 36.4 40.2

*2011 U.S. Road Race Demographics